Dishwasher “Art.815”

Vendor code: 815
Dimensions: 315x215x435 mm
Quantity in the package: 3 pc.
Barcode: 4823036901815
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The toy dishwasher has sound effects: sound on, sound off and the sound of the drum itself (its torsion). It has a relatively large size – 315x215x435 mm. Analogue in size it does not. There is a rotary knob with which you can adjust the water temperature and the door that opens. The set includes a sufficiently large number of dishes (2 forks, 2 tablespoons, scoop, 2 plates, 2 pans, 2 knives, paddle and saucepan with a lid), and a box with a “means” to soften the water. All this is useful to the child in the course of the game. Suitable for girls from 3 years old.

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