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Motorcycle “Balance Bike ” 2 “Art.188”

Vendor code: 188
Dimensions: 600x300x440 mm
Quantity in the package: 1 pc
Barcode: 4823036902188
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Model Orion 188 is an excellent four-wheeled runaway, thanks to which high stability is achieved, therefore, such a gurney can be offered to children from 3. Orion 188 is thought out to trifles. The steering wheel has knurled handles that will not slip out of the small children’s handles. And as an obligatory attribute of a rudder – a horn. For the manufacture of frames use a durable and safe plastic, which also does not have a lot of weight. It is easy for adults and children to manage it. Begovel are available in a variety of colors, so they are suitable for boys and girls.

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