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Опубликовано: 01 Nov. 2018 г

Auto Fargo - a toy that will interest any toddler of preschool age. The car is light, obedient to manage, does not emit a lot of rumble and noise, perfectly overcomes obstacles from sand, stones, and other bulk materials. You can play the Fargo-M car at home, in the sandbox, or on a walk in the park. Thanks to the typewriter, you can begin to study the rules of the road from childhood. All materials are certified, do not contain harmful impurities and components. It is durable plastic that is difficult to break, smash or split. Paint in the sun does not fade, does not cause allergies or skin irritation.


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CAR “M4” MIXER “ART.294”

Опубликовано: 27 Apr. 2018 г View product

The machine belongs to the category of “big cars”, very bright, beautiful and interesting. Every boy who has ever seen a concrete mixer will be infinitely happy to play with her copy. For safety of toys it is not necessary to worry, because the quality of the products of TM Orion is checked and confirmed by European certificates. The model has movable elements and is a copy of this concrete mixer. You can play with it anywhere: at home, in the yard or on the playground, in the sandbox or on the beach, or you can just roll along the street.


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This model of domestic production of TM Orion is a very interesting design and configuration. Children just love such toys. After all, you can not leave it and take it with you everywhere. In the sandbox to carry sand, on the beach to help build castles by supplying material for construction. In the yard you can load and unload stones, and help girls to transport toys. On goods like it, there are many positive reviews, parents are very happy buying toy cars. In addition to excellent quality and interesting design, the price of the machine is very attractive. Due to the fact that the production is located in Ukraine, there is no need to pay for international delivery and customs fees, and this significantly reduces the price of the toy.


Опубликовано: 27 Apr. 2018 г View product

Toy machine is very similar to a real vehicle special equipment. The parts are mobile and functional. In the machine you can load and unload loads and transport them for long distances, for example, from the sandbox to the sandbox. You can just roll along the street or at home. All the products of TM Orion have certificates of conformity, which confirm the high quality of the goods. The production uses food-grade, non-toxic plastic, odorless and absolutely safe for babies.


Опубликовано: 27 Apr. 2018 г View product

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