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Car “M4” Tipper “Art.287”

Vendor code: 287
Dimensions: 280x160x175 mm
Quantity in the package: 19 pc.
Barcode: 4823036902287
Machine + operator
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This model of domestic production of TM Orion is a very interesting design and configuration. Children just love such toys. After all, you can not leave it and take it with you everywhere. In the sandbox to carry sand, on the beach to help build castles by supplying material for construction. In the yard you can load and unload stones, and help girls to transport toys. On goods like it, there are many positive reviews, parents are very happy buying toy cars. In addition to excellent quality and interesting design, the price of the machine is very attractive. Due to the fact that the production is located in Ukraine, there is no need to pay for international delivery and customs fees, and this significantly reduces the price of the toy.

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