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Children’s “Suitcase On Wheels Hairdresser Orion” Art.199v2

Vendor code: 199v2
Dimensions: 350 х 250 х 145 mm
Type package: Net
Barcode: 4823036909880
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Do you want to give your little miracle a nice gift? Then do not hesitate for a long time – we offer to buy a play set with hairdressing accessories so that your baby feels like a real master of a beauty salon.

Everything you need to create a beautiful hairstyle is inside a suitcase with wheels for easy transportation:

⦁ two types of combs – ordinary and brush;

⦁ miniature cosmetic bag and lipstick;

⦁ elegant bottle and brush for applying varnish;

⦁ a machine very similar to a real haircut device;

⦁ hair dryer for quick drying;

⦁ bottle for cosmetic cream.

Children’s play set “Hairdresser” will help girls quickly master the skills of caring for their appearance and hairstyles of their parents, grandparents.

You can purchase an original gift directly from the manufacturer at a bargain price with fast delivery of the order to all regions of Ukraine.

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