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Set of Khutorok “Art.610”

Vendor code: 610
Dimensions: 505x85x630 mm
Quantity in the package: 6 pc.
Barcode: 4823036900610
29 items: cone-4 pcs., Cylinder-7 pcs., Cube-12 pcs., Arch-2 pcs., Brick - 4 pcs.
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A set of Khutorok is a set of cubes of various colors and geometric shapes. There are blue cones, yellow cylinders, and green cubes. All these figures are beautifully arranged in small houses and castles with arches and columns. All this contributes to the expansion of the spatial perception of the child, and also replenishes his knowledge of geometric figures. Cubes allow you to develop in the child the instinct of creation, coordination of movements, fine motor skills of the hands, imagination and imagination. The packing size of the kit is 505x85x630 mm. The details of the set are made of a durable polymer material.

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