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Set of Small carpenter “Art.938”

Vendor code: 938
Dimensions: 320x180x145 mm
Quantity in the package: 18 pc.
Barcode: 4823036901938
Planer, saw, nippers, hammer, drill, drill handle, screwdriver, meter, suitcase insert, drill, key, vise, nut - 7 pcs., Screw - 7 pcs., Corner - 2 pcs., The bar is small. - 2 pcs., Bol bolt - 2 pcs., Suitcase, liner.
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Everyone knows that in addition to machines, boys also need sets for different role-playing games that develop babies in different directions. So, the company Orion is presenting sets for small carpenters and mechanics. This kit – a small carpenter – has a very convenient portable case, the dimensions of which are 320x180x145 mm. The kit includes the following tools: a suitcase, a saw, a hammer, a drill, a key, a drill, a vice, a screwdriver, a plane, a ruler, 2 corners, 6 bolts, 6 nuts, 6 slats with holes, and tongs. This kit is designed for boys from 3 years old.

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