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Children’s “Suitcase On Wheels Camping Kitchen Orion” Art.121v2

Vendor code: 121v2
Dimensions: 350 х 250 х 145 mm
Quantity in the package: Net
Barcode: 4823036907138
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On a picnic, a playground near the house, on a camping trip, your child will be happy to imitate adults and cook food on his own set. To do this, we offer to buy a camping kitchen toy with all accessories corresponding to the name.

At the disposal of the baby will be such original devices as a hob with controls, pots with tight lids, stewpans. For table setting are knives, forks, spoons and plates. The process of imitating all the actions of mom or dad in the kitchen is very easy and fun. In addition to the game value, children learn some useful techniques for handling food, the safety of using the stove, and the rules for serving ready-made meals.

All samples presented in our catalogs are made of special materials, allowing you to buy toys that are safe for the environment and the health of children.

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