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Children’s “Suitcase On Wheels Builder Orion” Art.324

Vendor code: 324
Dimensions: 350 х 250 х 145 mm
Type package: Net
Barcode: 4823036909880
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One of the favorite activities for any child is the desire to make things, imitating adults in their work on repairing a house or apartment, arranging a summer cottage. In the catalog of the online store “Orion toys design lab” you can order and buy a toy building set for your baby.

The kit has everything to captivate the little master for a long time – a hacksaw made of safe material without sharp protrusions, a mortar trowel, a light hammer, pliers, a toy copy of a puncher. Well, how can you do on a construction site without a professional helmet to protect your head!

All tools can be placed in a suitcase specially designed for them.

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