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Pyramid P2 «cat» “Art.573B6”

Vendor code: 573в6
Dimensions: 120x120x160 mm
Quantity in the package: 24 pc.
Barcode: 4823036902621
3 rings + ball top
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A very interesting logical toy for kids is the pyramid. The Ukrainian brand Orion provides a wide selection of all kinds of pyramids, differing in size and design. All of them are durable and made of quality plastic. The height of this pyramid is 16 cm. The diameter is 12 cm. It consists of 4 sections and a ball from above. The sections are colored, which contributes to the correct memorization of the order of folding the pyramid: purple, red, green and blue section, the ball is red. This toy is designed for children from nine months. Develops thinking, logic for the baby, as well as fine motor skills.

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